Eajs lab 2016 participants
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The participants of the EAJS Lab 2016


Elodie Attia-Kay (Researcher at the Centre Paul-Albert Février, Aix-Marseille University) – main applicant and co-organizer

Samuel Blapp (PhD Student at the University of Cambridge) – co-organizer

Anna Busa (PhD student at the EPHE-Sorbonne)

Philippe Cassuto (Professor at Aix-Marseille University)

Gilles Dorival (Emeritus Professor at the Centre Paul-Albert Février)

Javier del Barco (Tenured Research Fellow at the Spanish Council for the Scientific Research)

Viktor Golinets (Professor at the Hochshule für Jüdische Studien - Heidelberg)

Geoffrey Khan (Regius Professor of Hebrew at the University of Cambridge)

Judith Kogel (Researcher at the IRHT-CNRS)

Hanna Liss (Professor at the Hochshule für Jüdische Studien - Heidelberg)

Drew Glenn Longacre (Post-Doct at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research)

Elvira Martin-Contreras (Tenured Scientist at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research)

Matthew Monger (PhD student at the Norwegian School of Theology)

Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (Research professor at the EPHE-Sorbonne)

Ben Outhwaite (Head of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit at the Cambridge University Library)

Mauro Perani (Professor at the University of Bologna)

Antony Perrot (PhD student at the EPHE-Sorbonne) – co-organizer

Kim Phillips (Research Associate at the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit at Cambridge University Library)

Matthieu Richelle (OT professor at the FLTE and Adjunct at the EPHE-Sorbonne)

Ursula Schattner-Rieser (Research Associate at the University of Innsbruck)​

Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra (Research professor at the EPHE-Sorbonne)

Roberta Tonnarelli (PhD student at the EPHE-Sorbonne)